The New Evolution of Corporate Human Resources

There’s a growing trend: companies training internal Human Resource staff to be career coaches. Rather than leave your employees struggling to find an internal move that fits on their own, or pay an external company to do your outplacement, bring it in-house! It shows your employees you really value them as people, reduces costs, aligns talents within teams, and retains top talent.

The In-House Career Coaching Certification Program

IACC provides high-level fast-track certification programs through IACC’s Ready Reset Go® partnership and offers accreditations that work with talent organizations to train existing employees to become in-house career coaches. Your talent acquisition and Human Resource teams fill the gap that expensive outsourcing consultants perform. And your teams have the skills to help redeploy individuals with institutional knowledge that might otherwise be let go during a restructuring.

The process accomplishes the following:

  • Decreases costs of outplacement services
  • Replace expensive outplacement services by training your existing staff to support and guide employees with their next career option
  • Redeploy talent within the organization
  • Ensure your HR staff has the skills to place your top talent effectively within your organization
  • Create career plans for employees
  • Decreases turnover and hiring costs by keeping your top employees with your company throughout their careers

Your company values its talent. You worked hard to hire them and train them. If your company is ready to transform your culture with in-house career coaches and save millions in outplacement costs, contact us for a free strategy session.

What talent teams love about becoming their company’s in-house career coaches:

  • Gain skills to help employees with identifying other possible career paths
  • Earn a certification that makes a difference in people’s lives
  • Build confidence in their own leadership and coaching abilities

What employees have said about their in-house career coaches...

"I feel valued. After 20 years with this company, it is great to know that you will work with me to find another role that is a great fit with my skills."

"My company truly cares. Instead of laying us off, they are working with us to see if there might be another role in the company for me. And if not, they then help me find something outside.“

"I’ve had outplacement at another company and this is completely different. My internal career coach knows me and takes the time to listen and help me find another job during a very stressful period of my life."

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