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How IACC started its career coaching certification program

How the IACC started.

Cara Heilmann, President & Master Trainer

In October 2015, a friend emailed me: “Help!” Carl and I had met in life coaching school. A year later, his business was struggling. Two days later, another coach, Maria, asked if I could help her. And then a week later, I heard from Jaqui, a solo recruiter also looking for help.


What was going on?


They knew my coaching business, Ready Reset Go Inc. was flourishing. They wanted my help. I WAS NERVOUS. How could I help them?

After leaving my corporate job, I struggled for years to get my business going. There weren’t many career coaches at that time. Coaching was just starting to take off. 


I made so many mistakes. Worked 16-hour days. Seven days a week. Tried so many things. I wrote a book. Started speaking.


And my business just started to take off.


What could I possibly teach Carl, Maria and Jaqui?


She said, “imagine if you had someone like you when you first started…” 


“Teach them all the mistakes, so they avoid them.”


That lit a fire!

Cara Heilmann, founder of IACC career coaching certification program


I leveraged my 20-years of training and talent experience to create a program that shared ALL of my successes.


Carl, Maria, and Jaqui were my Beta students.


Then one of my career coaching clients introduced me to her sister: Christy Watz. She became my first actual student. This is Christy the day she earned her certification!


Today, Christy Watz is still involved in creating amazing membership experiences in our IACC Coaching Collective. 


Come and meet the rest of the team…

Cara Heilmann and Christy Watz
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