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Finding a new job doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to do it alone. At the IACC, we train career coaches because our vision is to help people discover jobs they love.


You can find the right coach by exploring our Career Coach Directory. Or, submit your information in the Find a Coach tool and we’ll do the work for you by recommending at least three coaches that can meet your needs.

IACC Career Coaches
IACC career coaching certification program
Senior Professional Career Coaching Certification Program

SPCC: Coaches with our Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC)® certification have completed a rigorous 12-week program that teaches the fundamentals needed to help job seekers with all aspects of the job search process. They have gained the necessary skills through guided lessons, direct coaching, and hands-on experience. They graduate with a proven set of tools, templates, and methods.

Master Professional Career Coach Certification Program

MPCC: Coaches with the Master Professional Career Coach (MPCC)® designation have graduated from our SPCC program and gone on to gain master-level skills. They have been a career coach for a minimum of 12 months and completed over 700 coaching hours. MPCC members have demonstrated leadership through a commitment to personal development and contributions to the career coaching community. 

Senior Professional Resume Writer Certification Program

SPRW: Coaches with the Senior Professional Résumé Writer (SPRW)™ designation have completed an 8-week deep dive into all the components that make up a résumé . Coaches work with real clients and are given continuous feedback to refine their skills. After graduation, they are part of the SPRW community with access to a Master Résumé Writer.


Christy Watz

Christy Watz Coaching


Ursula Kienholz Bjercke

Ursula Bjercke Coaching and Consulting


I help Supply Chain mid-career professionals find clarity, confidence and land a job they love.

Kelly Drummond

My Soul In Bloom


I help individuals during times of professional or personal transformation to get a seat at the table and have a valued voice at the table.

Andrew Sloss

Sloss Career Coaching


I help my clients escape toxic workplaces and find fulfillment in their careers.

Cynthia Hobbs

The Creative Career Consulting


I help people stuck in a rut make radical changes in their careers.

Jessica Aebi

J.AEBI Coaching


I help talented, hardworking professionals get off the hamster wheel trying to prove themselves at work.

Annette Garsteck

Annette Garsteck Career Consulting


I guide ambitious women executives on a path to reinvent and accelerate their careers, transition to a new industry, and get paid what they are worth.

Natalie Goldring

Natalie Goldring


I help financial services professionals attain FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, and FULFILLMENT in their careers.

Andrea Barnes

Andrea Barnes Career Consulting


I help early career seekers create a go-to-market strategy and position themselves to land their dream job.

Laura Leach

Meredith Consulting


I coach women leaders in tech simplify the transition to a career that gives them purpose and negotiate the salary they deserve.

Dana Abisheva

Dana Abisheva - Career Coaching


1. I help to new graduates with go-to-market strategy. 2. I help to those who stuck in their career to be visible and seen for promotion.

Jaclyn Rose

UpRose Coaching


I guide women towards leadership career paths in Tech and Retail by building confidence and identifying their superwomen strengths to stand out.

Cara Heilmann

Ready Reset Go, Inc.


I give you the tools, skills, and blueprints to succeed so that you do what you love... every single day.

Kayla Quijas

Kayla Quijas Career Coaching


I help people transition into Project Management

Brian Miller

Miller & Nash, LLC


I help busy HR professionals and leaders find opportunities and pivot within HR or get out completely!

Sonia Jackson

Ikigai Executive Coaching


As an expert in coaching across cultures my clients unlock true purpose and land jobs that bring personal meaning and build professional legacy.

Caroline Sabino

Sabino Career Consulting


I help introverts be seen and heard, and never be undervalued again.

Nicole Croizier

Love Your Career Again


I help passionate professionals reignite their career spark and transition to meaningful work they love.

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