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Learn the skills you need to become a top-tier résumé writer

What makes our program great....

“This course was extremely comprehensive. I learned straightforward processes and received top-notch instruction, materials, and proven templates. I received one-on-one feedback on assignments, and weekly group calls were a safe space to ask questions, solve specific client résumé concerns, and discuss the practice of résumé writing. This certification has helped my career coaching clients immensely.”

Annette Garsteck, Senior Professional Career Coach at Annette Garsteck Career Consulting


Tuition Options

$1,250 USD one time or 2 monthly payments of $730

International pricing and bundles with SPCC available.

On-Demand Modules

Register at any time to access our on-demand modules and join a cohort of other resume writers. Learn at your own pace.

Unlimited Live Feedback

Solidify what you learn by getting live feedback on assignments and participating in live cohort discussion calls with your instructor Michelle Traino.

What You'll Learn

You can complete each module at your own pace. Most students complete the program while working full-time and comfortably finish the coursework in 8-9 weeks.

Week 1: Preparation is the key to success

Get a framework for gathering all the necessary information from your clients so you can begin writing résumés as quickly as possible.

Week 2: Components of a high impact résumé

Go deep into the different components of a résumé and understand how the right designs and templates can make all the difference.

Week 3: The purpose of each résumé section

Become an expert in how to showcase your client’s education, training, and certifications to highlight the value they bring to the table beyond their work history.

Week 4: Writing job description paragraphs

Learn how to write job description paragraphs that demonstrate how your client’s background and experience make them the right choice for hiring companies.

Week 5: Eye-catching achievements


Master the art of writing impactful and succinct achievements to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

Week 6: Steps to a smooth writing process

Prevent and overcome writer's block to create résumés faster and more efficiently for your clients by getting into the zone as quickly as possible.

Week 7: Writing engaging cover letters

When a recruiter asks for a cover letter, make sure your client has a great one. Learn how to write thoughtful cover letters that help your client land the interview.

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