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Commit to continued excellence in career coaching

Pre-requisites: Completion of your Senior Professional Career Coach certification.

What makes our program great....

"I chose the MPCC because of its simplicity. The program was manageable as I continued a full-time recruiting job. The cohort was small enough that we could learn from each other. We exchanged ideas about starting a business and the trials for those who already had one. The materials were rich with resources that helped shape what service offerings could look like and even sales strategies to find an ideal client."

Laura Leach


The IACC’s Highest Designation of Excellence

MPCC is about gaining and sharing real-life experience to contribute to the advancement of the career coaching profession.

There are five categories in which you must submit proof of experience:

  • Coaching hours

  • Client support hours

  • Personal development

  • Thought leadership

  • Community participation

The MPCC designation may be achieved by any SPCC™ graduate who has demonstrated the requisite experience for a certification fee of $3,500 USD. 

Many SPCC™ graduates choose to pursue their MPCC through the IACC's Path. The IACC’s Path has been created to support career coaches with their SPCC™ designation to achieve the experience required to attain your MPCC certification.

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