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Train your in-house team on essential and leading-edge career coaching tools designed for organizations, or hire IACC-trained coaches to instantly start in-house coaching.

Are you an in-house HR professional or leader, looking for your company to sponsor your career coaching certification or hire a team of IACC certified coaches?

What makes our program great....

“As the Chair for VSP Vision’s Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN), I am responsible for identifying topics that support our mission to empower, sponsor, and develop our members. WIN had the honor of hosting a discussion with Cara on “Executive Presence”, and I am thrilled with the impact it had on our audience. Cara was able to captivate our audience by simplifying the nuances of executive presence and provide actionable feedback that our members could readily integrate into their daily lives. The feedback we received from the audience reaffirms that the insights shared were both insightful and practical. This session served as a meaningful step forward in our collective journey towards enhancing our leadership skills and professional demeanor.”

Lauren Levine, VSP Vision Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) Chair

Evolve Past Traditional HR

Develop in-house career development and out-placement support to retain top talent, reduce outplacement costs and align the right talent with the right team.


Key Learning Outcomes

Collaborate with founding instructor, Cara Heilmann, to customize and train your in-house team in both essential and leading-edge career coaching tools tailored for coaching in your organization.

Business Essentials and Coaching

Your in-house team members will be able to do these things:

… learn how to help your employees identify other career paths that can be realized at their current companies.

… identify skill gaps and connect with internal and external training resources.

… approach internal managers about opportunites.

… build résumés and introductory letters to target internal opportunities

… prepare for conversations and interviews with hiring managers

… plan for a solid first 90 days in their new role

… and eliminate expensive outplacement service costs by handling this internally

Creating Retool and Redeploy Plans

Your company values its talent. You worked hard to hire and train. Build Talent teams' skills so they can redeploy talent with institutional knowledge that might otherwise be lost during restructuring.

Retain Top Talent

Your HR and Talent team fill gaps that expensive outsourcing consultants perform. This high-level, fast-track certification program offers two options: self-paced over 12 weeks or 6 all-day trainings.


Interested in seeing the impact of our program? Download our
case study here.

Book a Consultation

Book a call with the IACC's founding instructor, Cara Heilmann, to see how In-House Career Coaches could work for you.

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