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What To Expect - Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC)® Course 

3-Day Live Career Coaching Business Launch + Graduation: Virtual live event where we give you all the tools you need to successfully launch your new coaching business. It is 100% optional; but not to be missed! Check the Assignment Tracking Sheet to find the dates for your graduation event.


Your investment: Visit our billing portal to download receipts, view invoices, update your email address, and change your payment method. Click here to access the IACC billing portal. 


Training Modules: We use instructional videos that can be found on an online learning platform called Kajabi. You will need a strong enough internet connection to watch streaming videos. We recommend that you follow the curriculum outlined in the Kajabi curriculum. The modules directly correlate with required assignments and homework. You will receive an email invitation to join Kajabi and access the content within one business day of receiving this email. 


SPCC Community: We use a professional collaborative platform called Workplace for submitting homework and collaborating with your instructor and cohort. You will receive an email invitation to join Workplace and join the discussion within one business day of receiving this email. 


Weekly Cohort Calls: We meet each week through a platform called Zoom. You will need a camera, speakers, a microphone that is standard in most laptops, and the ability to connect online. It is expected that you join at least one of the weekly cohort calls. 


MODIFIED - It is no longer optional to attend weekly cohort calls. Because hours are counted towards International Coach Federation (ICF) CCE units, it is now required that you either 1) attend one weekly cohort call or 2) watch the recording of the weekly call and send a short recap of the call to your instructor.


Pro Bono Client: You will be required to work with a client. We recommend you find someone who can fulfill two needs: ability to turn in homework to you in a timely fashion and give you a positive recommendation, given a great coaching experience. If you are not able to find a client in the first week, post in Workplace and tag Cara as she can help you find someone to coach. 


International Association of Career Coaches Code of Ethics


  • Uphold the highest standards of career coaching, deliver the best possible service to our clients, act in the best interest of our clients, and reflect positively on the profession. 

  • Build trust with our clients and represent our areas of expertise with honesty, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of marketing, contract agreements, and coaching. 

  • Maintain absolute client confidentiality, including company and client anonymity, unless permitted by the client or mandated by law. 

  • Continue to evolve both as individuals and professionals so as to be present, relevant, and knowledgeable, with emphasis on uncovering and being mindful of our own unconscious biases. 

  • Keep the highest level of professionalism when managing and maintaining boundaries and embrace the richness of our global community by welcoming diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion. 

  • Build a strong and supportive community of coaches around the world by honoring copyrights, requesting permission to use original materials, and acknowledging and crediting creators. 


Refunds: 100% refund if notified in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days after tuition is paid. No refunds after fourteen (14) calendar days. If you’ve experienced an extenuating circumstance, contact your instructor immediately so your situation may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Course Abandonment: If the system notices inactivity for more than seven (7) days in the learning management system, you will receive email notifications. After the automatic notices, the IACC team will send three (3) additional email notifications. If you are still inactive then we will consider you to have abandoned the course. No refunds are provided for abandoning the course.


Failure to complete homework by deadline: If you fail to complete your homework by the stated deadline, then you will be considered a withdrawal and will be removed from the course. No refunds are provided for withdrawls. If you know that you will not make the deadline, contact your instructor immediately. You are allowed one (1) move to a future graduation date. 


Privacy: You are offered the ability to watch any of the published Office Hours for Ready Reset Go, Inc. VIP clients. Information shared during private meetings, office hours, in email correspondence, and on our online platforms will remain confidential. Some cohort members are in stealth mode. We ask that you remain on Mute and observe. Bring your questions and thoughts to your cohort weekly meetings and/or Workplace. 


Intellectual Property Rights: Modules and dossier documents, such as résumés, are the intellectual property of the IACC. The sharing or distribution of these materials is only permitted with written consent. 


Disclaimer: All actions resulting from the certification program are the responsibility of you. You agree to hold the IACC and any of its employees, directors, officers free of all liability and responsibility for any situations created as a result of direct or indirect advice provided by the IACC. The IACC does not guarantee that you will earn any amount of money or make any promises of success for your business. 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The IACC is looking for individuals who want to make a positive difference in this world. We do not base acceptance to The Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC)®, our training program, based on any perceptions or knowledge of race, national origin, gender identification, religion, veteran status, ethnicity, disability. In fact, we love inviting individuals from different perspectives because it is through our differences that we are stronger overall. 


Contact Us


IACC welcomes your questions or comments regarding the What to Expect document.


International Association of Career Coaches

1990 N. California Blvd., Suite 800

Walnut Creek, California 94553


Email Address:


Telephone number:

+1 415-935-1294


Revised as of Jan. 1, 2024

Original effective date Dec. 2, 2022

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