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IACC Expands into New Regions

As an organization with an international focus and a commitment to staying relevant in the business world, we are thrilled to introduce our newest Regional Managers. These dedicated people are helping us in just a few of the many regions where the IACC is making an impact for job seekers, current career coaches, and prospective ones.

Jo Abbot has been appointed Regional Manager for Africa. Olesia Iakivchyk is the new Regional Manager for Eastern Europe. Nicole Croizier now serves as Regional Manager for Canada.

Regional Managers are committed to building communities and sharing the nuances of their regions. These managers work in close partnership with the IACC President and team to welcome new members and students from their region, and to help the IACC fulfill its mission of global reach, identity, and culture. They will ensure we continue to reflect the needs of our International students in our certification curriculum and community.

Jo Abbot says: I'm so excited to have the opportunity to work across the African continent with career coaches in different contexts. Career coaching is a relatively new discipline in Africa and so I am excited about what IACC can bring to help develop and professionalize a cadre of career coaches, helping people land the work they love, one job at a time.

Olesia Iakivchyk notes: As Eastern Europe Regional Manager I have the opportunity to grow the career coaching industry in the region and assist individuals in discovering their career aspirations, establishing global career trajectories and growing international career coaching networks.

Nicole Croizier says: I'm thrilled to be a member of the leadership team for the International Association of Career Coaches as the Regional Manager for Canada. I've been so impressed with the people and caliber of training and support with this organization, as well as their mission to be a truly international association. I will be working to share the nuances of the job world, hiring, recruiting and career development in Canada with the rest of the association, as well as helping more people in Canada understand how joining this amazing association can enhance their career coaching.

“The world of work” isn’t a single world—there are so many complex overlapping layers, and even in an age of global business, cultural norms and best business practices are as diverse as the planet itself. The IACC aims to make career coaching work, for job seekers and coaches alike, so we’re always interested in hearing from those who would like to apply what we do within the social and business contexts of their specific regions.

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