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International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)® Recognizes Career Coaches Supporting Ukraine Ref

Updated: Feb 12

WALNUT CREEK, CA USA May 18, 2022 – International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)®, a career coaching education organization proud to recognize three of our certified career coaches volunteering to help displaced Ukrainians due to war.

As new guidelines of streamlined processes are announced to welcome Ukrainians in the United States, IACC certified career coaches find new ways to help with the refugee transitions.

Through a client, Cara Heilmann, President of the IACC, heard of Ukrainians in need of career coaching support. “A client introduced me to several Ukrainian refugees who are unsure about local customs to land a job in their new host country,” said Cara Heilmann. “That’s when I reached out to our amazing group of worldwide certified career coaches to see if anyone could help. And we had coaches step up to help them!”

“We know our members are aligned in our mission of helping people find jobs they love with dignity,” said Christy Watz, Executive Director of the International Association of Career Coaches and Principal Career Coach for Christy Watz Career Consulting. “But when I heard that several are volunteering to help displaced Ukrainians, I call it an honor to know these career coaches.”

Three certified IACC Career Coach volunteers answered the question, “What motivated you to help?”

Lisa Riley of Riley Career Coaching – “When there is a crisis, my gut instinct is to get involved. It was a way I can share my expertise to help Ukrainians land jobs and they can gain some sense of stability and normalcy. It just feels like the right thing to do.”

Laura Leach of Meredith Consulting – “It’s important to me to continue my life purpose helping women simplify their career transition, get their foot in the door at their dream job and negotiate the salary they deserve. It made sense for me to extend that purpose to the women arriving as refuges hoping for the same. I’m grateful for the opportunity and honored to be a part of this chapter in these ladies lives.”

Sonia Jackson of Ikigai Executive Coaching – “I feel so strongly about supporting Ukrainians affected by this crisis. If I can help contribute clarity and a pathway to a positive future through career coaching then that would be an honour.”

“We are so proud of our career coaches,” said Christy Watz. “I love that we have certified career coaches that speak many languages, Armenian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, to name a few, and they represent countries throughout Europe, Canada, Africa, Asia, and the United States. I am humbled to hear of how these individual coaches are supporting refugees.”

All inquiries of volunteer help should be directed to the individual certified career coaches.

About the IACC

International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)®. Do you feel there’s so much about career coaching that you don’t know? We give you tools, skills, and blueprints to be a successful career coach so that you can do something you love and make money.

The International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)® is a worldwide member-based organization that nurtures a network of like-minded business professionals eager to share knowledge and experiences to support the career coaching profession. As an organization offering accreditation, IACC provides career coaches certification through the Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC)® and Master Professional Career Coach (MPCC)™ certifications. IACC also offers job seekers a coach directory of knowledgeable professional career coaches that provides guidance, résumés, search strategies, interview preparation, plus salary and offer negotiations to secure a job in your preferred industry.

The International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)® was launched in 2018 and led by Cara Heilmann, President, and Christy Watz, Executive Director. With coaches in Canada, Zimbabwe, Tokyo, Toronto, Spain, and the US, all coaching professionals and members of IACC are composed of industry career leaders and volunteers bound together by a common purpose which is to help people discover jobs they love. The association is comprised of a strong support system that makes a difference in the lives of all searching for jobs with meaning. For more information visit us at

Contact: Cara Heilmann
International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)®

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