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The International Association of Career Coaches earns ICF Accreditation

The International Association of Career Coaches (IACC) is an organization dedicated to creating and maintaining standards of excellence for career coaches internationally. As a part of that mission, the IACC is proud to announce that the Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC) certification program is officially recognized as a CCE-accredited program through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The ICF is the leading global organization for setting standards for professional coaching through accreditation for coach-specific training programs to build a global network of trained professional coaches.

Earning accreditation through the ICF emphasizes the commitment the IACC has made to ensure the certifications offered by the IACC are held to the highest possible industry standards. It also recognizes the IACC’s alignment with ICF standards to offer a blended hybrid approach to career coaching so that certified coaches may confidently employ both consultative support and client-led discovery, depending on the client’s needs in their career coaching relationship.

Cara Heilmann, the IACC’s Founding Instructor and President states, “We are so excited to announce that both new and existing graduates of the International Association of Career Coaches’ Senior Professional Career Coach certification can be assured that their efforts and their certification are recognized by the broader coaching community. Whether you’re an individual or an organization looking to hire career coaches directly onto your staff, you can now be assured that our certification holders have dual accreditation, one with the ICF and the other with the IACC.”

The ICF’s CCE accreditation ensures that life, executive, relationship, career, and leadership coaches can expand their knowledge and gain the skills to offer career coaching to their clients while earning ICF re-certification credits.

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