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Christy Watz, Executive Director, to Step Down at the End of 2022

WALNUT CREEK, CA USA October 9, 2022 – International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)®, a career coaching education organization announces that Christy Watz, Executive Director, is stepping down.

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners of the IACC:

It is with mixed feelings of both sadness and gratitude that we announce that Christy Watz will be stepping down as the Executive Director of the IACC, effective the end of 2022.

Christy was our very first graduate of the Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC) certification in 2018 and became our Executive Director soon after. Since then, she has helped usher in an engaging IACC community and has been an important voice to the leadership team, among many other accomplishments.

"I am personally very grateful to have met Christy back in 2017," says Cara Heilmann, President of the IACC. "She has been a strong supporter to me and an advocate of the coaching profession and clients worldwide." Under Christy's leadership, we welcomed members from Africa, Canada, and Japan. Because of her shepherding, we have evolved and with her stepping down, we are rethinking the role as our organization continues to change.

We have begun a search for a newly defined role as Director, IACC Coaches Collective. Our hope is that we identify this individual quickly so that they can have a nice transition with Christy. As of January 2023, Christy will continue to be a member of the IACC and a participant in the MPCC path community.

We would like to honor her leadership by offering her new status with the association as a Founding Member, Emeritus Board of Directors.

Please join me in thanking Christy for her many years of leadership.



Contact: Cara Heilmann

International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)®

+1 415-935-1294

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