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Make money as a career coach

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What Will I Earn as a Career Coach?

On average, IACC-certified career coaches earn $137K USD a year.


What you’ll earn as an IACC-certified career coach depends on your region, the macroeconomic environment, and your own choices. In the United States, a certified career coach can expect to earn an average of $140K per year—some of our coaches make $400-500K.

As a point of comparison, US life coaches tend to make between $22K and $51K a year depending on the region. The average salary for school guidance counsellors is around $57K. In other words, if you’re attracted to coaching in general, career coaching is, in addition to being rewarding and exciting, relatively lucrative.

Do you want to learn how to run your own business helping people build careers they love?

In the IACC's Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC)® Certification you'll learn:

Who you'll meet

Lisa Tober has worked as a career coach since 2018. She discovered career coaching while looking for a job that she would love. She hired a career coach for her own search and quickly saw the value in career coaching, inspiring her to become one herself! As a coach, she loves helping young adults step into their first leadership role, and works with the IACC to help prospective coaches determine if career coaching is a good fit for their goals.


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