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Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Carol Parker Walsh Consulting, LLC

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

You followed the rules, climbed the ladder of success, did everything they told you to it's YOUR turn. You think you should be satisfied, but you're not. You want a fulfilling career but wonder if it's too late. You want to make a move in your career, but it feels risky to go against the grain and play by your own rules....particularly when you don’t know what those rules are or should be. As a result, you feel trapped. I know exactly what that feels like. In the midst of a successful career in law, corporate, and academia, I realized I was not living in harmony with my values and goals. I had to look at the hard choice between following the status quo and stepping into what was right for me. It took “gumption” to leave my career and start a new one helping women struggling with the same challenge and choice. I come out on the other side of that decision with greater confidence, happier, and fulfilled. Now, as a certified career, executive, and life coach, as well as a certified branding and image consultant, along with all of my education and experience, I’m ready to show you how to do it too. So don’t let fear, guilt, the “should of's” and “what ifs” keep you from the life you could be living. You only get one bite at the apple. “Gumption,” along with a proven system and community of support. That’s really all it takes.





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