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Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC)®
Essentials Certification 


Our 3-Day Live Event!

Senior Professional Career Coach Certification Program for Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Career Coaches

Get the business basics and supportive community you need to kickstart your success to the next level.

Led by IACC founder, Cara Heilmann, this three-day intensive training gives you all the tools you need to launch your business.

Day One: Opportunity Day! The purpose of Opportunity Day is to apply business practices I learned during my MBA at Vanderbilt University and over 20 years of business experience so you can launch your business with a solid knowledge base and feel confident about hanging your company shingle.

Career Coaching Three Day Live Event, Become a Certified Career Coach
Certification for Career Coaches

Day Two: Obstacle Day! All of the amazing ideating done on Day One now must become reality. Today we create your go-to-market strategy so you have action plans to launch your business. You’ll walk away with a business plan and an actionable marketing strategy with awareness, lead magnets, and a sales script.

Day Three: Onward Day! On the final day, we focus on giving you all you need so that you can look back after one year and see the amazing business you’ve built. You’ll learn more about the path to the MPCC mastermind cohort so you don’t lose momentum. The Path is where we support one another and realize our dreams. Finally, we’ll celebrate your certification!

Become a Senior Professional Career Coach with IACC
Career Coaching Certification Program

You’ll receive your customized Career Coach Business Toolbox

  • Business plan

  • Marketing plan

  • Awareness

  • Lead magnet

  • Sales script

  • IACC membership logo

  • SPCC™ digital seals

  • SPCC™ digital certification

  • Your Coach Introduction video you can use for your marketing

Get your Career Coach Business Toolbox during the 3-Day Live Event so you have all you need to launch your business.

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