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October is All About Assessments!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The thought of picking the right assessment to work with for a career coach can be daunting. When we last checked, there was a multitude of assessments in the marketplace ranging from personality and skill assessments to social skills and more. Determining the right assessment to use (or whether to use one at all) is the subject of the IACC October meeting.

ACC has set an online discussion focusing on questions that career coaches face when determining the right assessment tool or whether or not they use one at all. The meeting takes a look at tools and resources to use and which are right for a job seeker. Ron Young a member of the Forbes Councils posted an article, “Assessment in Coaching. Why and Which One?”takes a look at the psychology and research behind assessments. The article brings up points for excellent conversation around whether or not assessments create unique insights that will add value to the coaching process.

Coaches are great equalizers in understanding their clients and how to show them in the best light while guiding them towards their passion. Not everyone needs assessments and for those that do, it can be difficult to determine the best one for them. So, during October we are asking our coaches to think about assessments and what works for them but most importantly, who or what determines what is best for clients and by using these tools if there is a benefit from a deeper understanding of a self-assessment that can direct them towards the passion and potentials for their career journey.

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