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Benefits of Membership

Uncover IACC professional member benefits that help you stay current and continue to be a top-notch career coach. Accelerate your business. As an IACC Member, you’ll be presented with resources, valuable opportunities, and discounts that will help you advance your business in the right direction.

Through IACC, you can find a professional network that shares your vision and commitment to making an impact in the world through career coaching.

Stay Current

Career coach professionals will always be continually challenged to keep abreast of new and changing trends in the job search industry. IACC helps you remain current through articles, networks, and discounts on resources.

  • IACC Member Digital Resource Hub
  • IACC Member Networking
  • IACC Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC) Accreditation
  • IACC Master Professional Career Coach (MPCC) Accreditation

Professional Networking

With other IACC members who share similar interests, you can build a network revolving around your niche, industry, or client profile.

  • IACC Virtual Huddles - Virtual huddles that occur frequently throughout the year
  • IACC Collaborative Community - Online community forum where you can ask questions and stay connected with others in the career coaching community
  • Get involved in developing and shaping the future of career coaching
  • Network with other professionals in your local area or within a specific industry interest
  • Get involved in mentoring the next generation of career coach professionals

Ongoing Learning

IACC is committed to helping members stay current and influence the profession. Members keep growing with education opportunities available to IACC members.

  • IACC Accreditation
  • IACC Virtual Seminars
  • IACC Virtual Speakers

Resources That Save You Time

ave yourself thousands of hours of research and recreation of items critical to the success of your business. The resources allow you the ability to start supporting clients much faster so that you do not need to recreate the wheel.

  • Resume templates - A robust file full of different Word documents of the top resume templates that have wowed clients and impressed recruiters. It contains different templates to meet all of your needs from full CVs to high tech resumes.
  • Assessments - The IACC has partnerships with DISC, Strength Finders, Social Styles and other assessments for you to help your clients identify their key professional strengths. All of the assessments are used widely throughout the business world and have been instrumental in help executive career coaches assess and create plans for their clients.
  • Business Partners - IACC members have vetted different businesses that offer different services to career coaches. From website designers to accounting firms, you will gain access to these reviews so that your vetting process will be smoother and quicker.


IACC members enjoy reduced rates on many proprietary products and services inducing accreditation courses and partner products. Member discounts offer substantial cost savings on a variety of products and services as a benefit of IACC membership.

  • Discount on IACC Accreditation
  • Discounts on vetted, reliable services to grow your business such as website building, marketing, and accounting

Volunteer Programs

IACC members are givers of their time and expertise. Volunteering is a very rewarding way to develop skills and exposure as a world-class career coach. Apply your expertise to help others through volunteering activities.

  • IACC Volunteering

Global Code of Ethics

People want to work with people who they can trust. People with integrity. Whether we’re helping you figure out how to distill confidential accomplishments onto your resume, or advising you on how to best work with a tough client, we at the IACC understand the need to consistently act ethically, honestly, and with integrity.

We pledge to...

  • Uphold the highest standards of career coaching, deliver the best possible service to our clients, act in the best interest of our client, and reflect positively on the profession.
  • Build trust with our clients and represent our areas of expertise with honesty, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of marketing, contract agreements, and coaching.
  • Maintain absolute client confidentiality, including company and client anonymity, unless permitted by client or mandated by law.
  • Continue to evolve both as individuals and professionals so as to be present, relevant, and knowledgeable, with emphasis on uncovering and being mindful of our own unconscious biases.
  • Keep the highest level of professionalism when managing and maintaining boundaries and embrace the richness of our global community by welcoming diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion.
  • Build a strong and supportive community of coaches around the world by honoring copyrights, requesting permission to use original materials, and acknowledging and crediting creators.
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