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The Path to Mastery and MPCC Certification

Many small businesses fail within the first year. According to Fundera, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% in the second year and 50% by the fifth year. We created the Path to Mastery as a community to support you so that your business beats the odds and thrives!


More than a certification, The Path to Mastery is a tight-knit evolving community of committed SPCC career coaches.

Master Professional Career Coach Certification Program
Professional Career Coaching Certification

What  The Master Professional Career Coach Path Delivers:

Stay on Top of Trends

Leverage the reach of a global community of committed SPCC career coaches. Keep up with the latest business trends. Hear first about technology that saves you time and money. Stay connected with geoeconomic movements so you stay on top of

your game.

Scale Your Business

Get tips on how to scale once your business takes off. Avoid burnout with one-on-one clients and transition to a group format. Record your education modules and launch them on a learning management platform. Enjoy the 6-figure business that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Give Back

Demonstrate your expertise by giving back to the career coach community. Speak at events. Author articles. Showcase your deep knowledge within your business niche and cultural understanding in your part of the world. Give back to the growing community!

The Path to Mastery and MPCC Certification

It Scales Here.

Professional Career Coaching Program for certification
Career Coaching Certification Program IACC

Top 5 Reasons to Join the Path

The Path to Mastery and MPCC Community

1 Show your clients that you’re a step above!

2 Learn marketing and brand positioning so that you attract the right clients to you.

3 Gain confidence in your coaching package and pricing so you’re not short-changing yourself or pricing yourself out of the market.

4 Get exclusive access to resources and a curated collection of ready-made templates so you can deliver top quality service to clients from the start.

5 Earn a Master Professional Career Coach (MPCC)® designation after 1650 hours of direct experience!


See how the community has impacted our SPCC coaches as they scale their businesses.

“I got business coaching! I didn’t have to hunt for other business coaches from other industries that didn’t know about career coaching. I was able to learn all I needed to get my business up off the ground!”

“The community is the very best. When I’m feeling frustrated I post my question or join a cohort call and I always walk away feeling lighter and filled with great ideas from my fellow Path members.”

“I got leads right away. Cara showed me how I can get 5 to ten leads a month without paying a dime of advertising money.”

“We got to see inside Cara’s career coaching business, Ready Reset Go. And I didn’t have to build it from scratch. She shared her entire program. She is super generous with all of her materials.”

“I can get lists of executive recruiters for my clients! I tap into the database and save me and my clients a ton of time.”

“Michelle Traino, our master résumé writer is amazing! And she helps critique our drafts for us. My clients are always telling me how amazing my résumés are… and it is totally because of Michelle.”

“After 11-months trying on my own and struggling, I can’t believe I am saying that I hit $8500 in revenue this month.”

“I’m two years in and I’m on track to beat my $200,000 year. I count my lucky stars I found this group and joined the Path.”

Career Coaching Certification Program


This program is for graduates of the Senior Professional Career Coach certification who want to elevate their status in the career coaching profession.


Choose the option that best suits your journey.

Option One

Option Two

Option Three


If you’ve previously completed SPCC, you qualify for the Regular Investment:


  • $1250/month for 12 months.

The path to career coaching mastery, Master Professional Career Coaching Seal


Decide within 3 business days after earning your SPCC certification: 

  • $1000/month for 12 months.  

  • Special One-time Investment $10,000 total paid before deadline.


Two certifications, one price:

  • Lifelong support

  • One-time investment of $9975 or

  • Pay monthly - $900/month for 12 months for total of $10,800

  • Expires 12/31/2022

Master Professional Career Coaching Program Seal
Senior Professional Career Coach Seal

* Option Three: Pay Monthly -  $900/month for 12 months. Total investment $10,800 (reflects a $6700 discount!)

Limited Time Only: When you join MPCC in 2022, you’ll be able to be part of The Path for life. The SPCC is the prerequisite for the MPCC.

Master Professional Career Coaching Seal
Career Coaching Certification Program

How It Works:


  1. Sign up to gain access to the Senior Professional Career Coach training modules.

  2. Earn your SPCC certification and you’ll automatically move into the Path to MPCC cohort and begin your master-level training.

  3. Complete all MPCC requirements to become a certified Master Professional Career Coach with lifetime access to the Path.

Senior Professional Career Coaching Certificate Program
Master Career Coaching Certificate Program
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