Top 13 Must Knows for Career Coaches

Curious about becoming a career coach and wonder what you need to know to make it happen? The International Association of Career Coaches (IACC)® is here to help people like you who are seeking to expand or enhance their lives and financial status.

If you are already working as a coach, wanting to transition into a career that is more fulfilling, or needing to have a passive or supplemental income, here are 13 questions with answers that can help you determine if career coaching is for you.

IACC teamed up with Cara Heilmann their President and creator of the Senior Professional Career Coach certification, to provide you with 13 industry Must-Knows. Cara has talked with hundreds of people that all had similar comments. So, she compiled the topmost frequently asked questions about career coaching.

As you move through this list you’ll receive answers to, “what in the world does a career coach do?” There are a lot of misconceptions and a few blurred lines and some of these questions are tough. However, they are all designed to help you understand and determine your path to being a career coach.

These 13 Must-Knows should get you on the path to pursuing a life as a career coach. If you have more questions about this fulfilling and potentially lucrative business, please reach out by clicking here.

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